Heuristic & Adaptive Thinking Skills

Heuristic & Adaptive Thinking Skills (HATS) is a thinking development
workshop that identifies the analytical, lateral, creative & critical thinking styles and how to apply them to different situations in work and life.

Course structure

Learning Outcome: : Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of how the human brain processes information, how emotions play a role in helping and hindering these processes and how to be efficient in their thinking

Tools : Thinking Styles, Thinking Traps

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to investigate, identify and categorise information into useable content and solve problems by understanding the cause and effect and relationships between information

Tools: Define-Describe-Deconstruct-Develop, 5 Whys

Learning Outcome:  Students will be able to determine and prove the correctness of information by asking validating
questions and discovering whether one concept relates to another.

Tools: Thinking Traps

Learning Outcome: : Students will be able to explore and curate ideas
based on disconnected information to innovate and overcome a
problem with no obvious solution

Tools: Visualisation, Brainstorming

Learning Outcome: Students will be able to generate new ideas from old ones and combine them into applicable


Learning Outcome: e: Students will be able switch between various thinking profiles according to the situation that requires it to analyse, look for improvements, create or innovate

Tools: Thinking Styles