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We All Needed A Hand to Realize What We Wanted Most.

Like the beacon of light in the mist of the dark, we opens up the path of solutions for our clients to envision and portray what they needed to prosper and grow. Providing with the essential tools and mechanism, we sought to clarify and heighten learning outcomes for a full maximum result.


Professional Development

Designed for managements to capitalize on relations, leaderships and motivation. Increases confidence, quality, performance and productivity.



Emphasizes on training for establishing, manage and oversee successful business ventures. Encompassing a broad business concepts.


Technical and vocational

Crucial vehicle for social equity, inclusion and sustainability, TVET focuses on education. Nurturing individual skills, knowledge, and employability.


MEX Supply Solution

Technology is the most effective tool when it comes to demolishing the barriers of space and time.  

Constructing a borderless and highly accessible ecosystem for businesses, corporate entities, educational institutions, and individuals.


Virtual Business Solution

Augmenting commerce to be on board. Utilizing online platforms to create a virtual shop with rich reach and high engagement levels.


Virtual Educator Certificates

A fully online training program to prepare professional educators to be effective in webinars and delivering online courses and classes.


Virtual Studio

A virtual space where educator and trainer will be able to conducts sessions in a virtual setting. Enabling cross platform engagements and increase reach.